The IT repository of the UBC and other tasks

Below are the repositories for the UBC and other projects

UBC repository

These are the repositories established for the UBC in general, and for the Gospels of Luke and John in particular. You can compose commentary material in Microsoft Word or Notepad, but remember to use markdown language. You must then copy and paste the file’s contents into the correct place.

The main repository for the UBC -

Luke -

John -

UBN Repository - the UBN home page that contains information pertinent and links to all the other UBN repos - the repo that contains the articles that will be linked from both the UBN notes and UBC. - the repo containing rejected proposals for articles.


(where xxx = three-letter code for any biblical book).

Here is where to locate the working files for the UBC (i.e., the files containing the notes as they are being composed and edited):

Each book has a directory of the chapters. Each chapter has a directory of pages. So that the directory tree for any book will look like:

    |  |01
    |     |
    |  |02
    |     |

The content directory (Psalms will be 3 digit numbers) shown above indicate chapter numbers and the Introduction to the Book page.