Important features in the UBC

Following are some important features of the UBC

Ease of translation and adaptation into other languages

The UBC is meant to be freely adapted and translated into other languages. This means that for the UBC to have the greatest ease of translation, it must have the least amount possible of English idiomatic expressions. It should also read clearly and easily. We will try to provide guidelines in an appendix for translation-friendly writing.

Tagging features in the UBC

The UBC is to be composed in markdown language, which uses tags beginning with the hashtag (#), also called the pound sign. In addition to the current inventory of tags for the UBC project, anyone is free to propose more tags. Any manager-reviser will have the authority to accept or reject such requests. Tags are used for:

  • formatting purposes
  • creating links to other resources
  • filtering purposes of the user

Please see the MARKDOWN LANGUAGE IN THE UBC PROJECT appendix for a list of tags that we will use in formatting the UBC material.