The UBC’s Relationship to the Unlocked Bible Notes (UBN)

The Unlocked Bible Commentary and the Unlocked Bible Notes are meant to be developed simultaneously, so it is important that all commentary and notes writers understand both projects.

The UBC is planned to address needs of pastors and other church workers for deepening their understanding of the biblical texts, primarily on the basis of clarifying the themes presented in the biblical paragraphs and larger text units. With an average 2000-word per biblical chapter limit, the UBC material will make demands on the reader’s attention far exceeding the short study notes he will encounter in the UBN. On one hand, those UBN notes are meant to interfere minimally with the user’s Scripture reading; on the other hand, the UBC material will make substantial demands on the reader’s attention.

Unlike the UBN, which will have notes geared either to a basic level of Scripture knowledge or to an advanced level, the UBC material will assume that the user has an advanced level of biblical knowledge.